Once you have begun assessing and streamlining your “Getting Dressed” routine…and melding together your minimalistic makeup menagerie…you should decide what products you should carry with you in your bag on a daily basis.

For a minimalist, touch-ups during the day do not involve putting on a full face of makeup and lugging around a suitcase, or big Grandma purse…complete with foundation, loose powder, eyelash curlers, and the bathroom sink. 

Instead, carry a small bag filled with powder, lip whatever, at least some of your usual eye makeup, concealer, and/or brow tamer…honestly even that is probably more than enough if you’re not Miss America.

Anyway, the next fun step is to  decide what or how you’re gonna wag these products around with you all day. 

It is important that you pick the right bag…

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect makeup case for both the daily haul and the long haul.

1.  Cost

.A makeup case, just like a purse or anything else, can run the price gamut from inexpensive to “oh my goodness, I just paid how much for that.”

For example, there’s the following “designer” bags who want to pull their very expensive bags filled with very expensive products mainly to impress people.

A few designer options to consider include… 

 1.  Kate Spade Classic Minna Nylon Travel Cosmetics Case 

  • Color…Black/ Clotted Cream
  • Price…$128.00
  • Size…9″W x 7 ½”H x 3″D

    2.  Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Leather Cosmetic Pouch

    • Color…Options
    • Price… $98.00
    • Size… 8″W X 4.5″H X 2.5″D 

    3.  Large Blush & Brush Makeup Case, Vera Bradley

    • Color…Options
    • Price…$64.00
    • Size… 10 ½” w x 7″ h x 4 ¼” d with 1 ½” handle drop

    On the other side of the coin,
    there are women who could really care less about the actual makeup bag because they would rather spend their money on the contents of that bag. 

    A few bargain bin options to consider include…  

    1.  Forever 21 Scuba Knit Makeup Bag

    • Color…Options
    • Price…$6.90
    • Size… 4.5″x 8.25″x 4″

    2.  Sephora Collection Baby, It’s Bold Outside Cosmetic Bag

    • Color…Gold
    • Price…$10.00
    • Size…(not given on website)

    3.  TARTAN + TWINE Micro Suede Small Organizer (Ulta)

    • Color…Options
    • Price…$ 5.97
    • Size… 5.5″ x 2.75″ x 4″

    Other Factors to Consider…

    Lining…Look for a bag with a waterproof liner. The last thing you need is to open your purse or suitcase and find the rest of your belongings covered in powder or liquid foundation because something leaked. Also, a waterproof liner is easier to wipe clean.

    Material…Transparent makeup cases allow you to easily and quickly find whatever lipstick or eyeliner you may be looking for, but often cloth bags are just plain better looking. Regardless of the material that you choose, just make sure that the fabric is durable and easily wiped clean. 

    Pockets…Most people find a simple no-frills pouch to be most convenient…an outside pocket may allow you to slip a small item into your bag easily, but can also allow things to slip out…

    Shape…a square or rectangular bag makes better use of available space than oddly shaped or rounded bags…a bag that is fairly flat  and stiff helps prevent your makeup getting jumbled up in a corner. 

    Size…When selecting a makeup bag, find one 

    • long enough to fit your pencils at full, just-bought length
    • tall enough for everything to fit without obstructing the zipper
    • wide enough for any bulky compacts

    A few options, arranged by size are…

    1.  Fossil Small Pouch 

    • Color…Taupe Metallic
    • Price…$40.00 (currently on sale for $18)
    • Size…7.38″ W x 4.88″ H x 0.5″ D

    2.  Cole Haan Medium Cosmetics Case.

    • Color…Black with blue trim 
    •  Price…$50…(on sale now for $25)
    • Size…7″ X 5.5″ X 2.5″


    • Color…(see picture)
    • Price…$49.50
    • Size…10″ wide x 5″ deep x 5.5″ high

     4.  Cinda B Medium Cosmetic

    • Color…Available in 11 patterns
    • Price…$20
    • Size… 10″ W x 4.5″ D x 5.5″ H

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