All that being said…What’s in my bag…
Or better…

What will be in my bag once I get rid of all this stuff and start only buying what I absolutely need and will want to use frequently…
Or even better yet…

What actually should be in my bag.

Below are some links to choosing products…

Right now I’m still trying to finish cleaning out my vanity…(this one drawer is crammed full of stuff that I still haven’t managed to get it open)…and a little overwhelmed with my overload of information on natural and organic cosmetics to even know where my cell phone and purse are…

Consider this a worksheet…consider yourselves accountability partners…you might be seeing updated lists like this at least quarterly…still brainstorming content…


ConcealerTen Commndments of Concealor

FoundationThe 14 Foundations for Every Skin Color

Lipliner…(Berry Red/Medium Pink/Nude)…How to Use Lip Liner, Harper’s Bazaar

…(Classic Mauve/Coral/Deep Mulberry /Nude/Peachy Pink/Rosy Pink/Raspberry/Red Red)…The 10 Commandments of Lipstick, Allure Magazine

Lipgloss…(Cool -Toned Pink/Peachy Pink)…How to Choose the Perfect Lipgloss, Cosmo

Blush…(Cool-Toned Pink/Neutral Pink/Peachy Pink) …How To Choose the Perfect Blush, Stylecaster

Bronzer..The Right Bronzer for Your Skin Tone, Birchbox

HighlighterChoosing the Right Highlighter for Your Skin Tone, Refinery 29

Eyeshadow Palettes...The Most Gorgeous Makeup for Green Eyes


        1. Gel / Liquid Eyeliner…15 Eyeliner Tips That Make Up for Your Shaky Hands
        2. Pencil Eyeliner…18 Useful Tips for People Who Suck at Eyeliner

          Brow Products...21 Best Brow Products for 2017, Total Beauty

          MascaraFinding the Perfect Mascara, Fashionista

          Tools12 Beauty Tools That Will Make You An Expert, Get the Gloss


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