When you’re expecting guests to a party is probably not the best time to start thinking about your entry or foyer.

    But as guests arrive carrying purses and coats that they need to “put somewhere,” you start realizing how much clutter accumulates here…not to mention the fact that the first place you dump your stuff down everyday when you get home from work is also the first place your family and friends see when they come into your home.

      Decluttering and organizing this area can not only make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing…but can also play an important role in maintaining our sanity, especially in the mornings.

        As you are decluttering and reorganizing your entry, decide immediately what you are going to keep, sell or donate…don’t simply shift junk from one part of the house to another room.

          The first step to creating an entryway into your home where you have a place for guests to “park their stuff” is to think of what things really need to be in your entry and how you can house these things better. 

            Cell Phones...have an electronics charging station by the front door…saves time scrounging for your phone on your way out.

              Coats…First take the time to remove any coats, shoes, hats, and gloves that no longer fit or that you no longer like.Invest in a coat rack if you don’t have a closet. Having one type of hanger, such as these quality wood coat hangers from Ikea,magically makes things look and feel more organized. Store winter hats, gloves, and scarves in bins or baskets. 

                Dog Leashes/Treats…Save time when walking the dog…and in our case, the cats and kid also…by hanging the leash right by the door.

                  Keys…Always have a place to set your keys down when you first walk in the door…make this a habit, and you won’t waste time each morning frantically hunting them down.

                    Mail/Papers That Need to Be Signed...Have in/out baskets for incoming mail and outgoing signed permission strips. 

                      Purses/Backpacks/Lunch Bags/Reusable Shopping Bags...Have enough hooks for all of your purses and backpacks in either your entryway or a nearby hallway. A wall shelf is good for lunchboxes, water bottles, and so forth.

                        Shoes…If family members get into the habit of taking off their shoes when we enter the house, the house would stay cleaner longer. Set up a basket or wooden cubby system where each family member gets a specific nooks for their shoes.

                          Any shoes that come in from out in the weather with snow, mud, or soaking wet should be stored so that they don’t make a huge mess….especially on very expensive white carpet. Invest in a boot or shoe tray, to place these shoes on also.

                            If you have the room, a bench or a storage ottoman is helpful when putting on your shoes. 

                              Umbrellas…Using an umbrella stand allows people easily stow their umbrellas when they get inside and grab one if it’s going to be a stormy day as they leave the house.


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