Created sinless, Eve yet became the world’s first sinner…and yes, perhaps the Devil did in fact make her do it.

Before this incident in the produce section, Adam and Eve had been perfectly created by God and had no idea what sin was.

Perhaps this innocence is exactly what led Eve to fall for Satan’s lies.

Satan did not tell her to sin, but convinced her that eating the forbidden fruit was really not that big of a deal.

  • He convinced her see that the fruit was a “delight to the eyes”…something pleasant to look at.
  • He then convinced her that the fruit was “good for food”…something fulfilling to eat.
  • He finally convinced her that the fruit was “able to make one wise”…

This ability to “make one wise” was the most powerful temptation of all. It satisfied the spiritual temptation that people have to go beyond the normal, mundane, everyday experience…to taste of the wisdom that belongs only to God. This temptation is exactly what had had Satan thrown out of heaven in the first place.

Eve was easy to convince because she didn’t trust God. Eve believed that God was holding out on her and took matters into her own hands.

Satan still works this way today, and is never more dangerous than when he professes to be earnest well-wisher, only interested in our own personal good.

Satan is a master at presenting the worst situation in any circumstance, always tells lies, and takes advantage of any doubt he detects in you…and we must be alert for this deception.

How often, just like Eve, are we easily convinced that there is no truth whatsoever in the belief that God’s His plans are perfect and that God has amazing things in store for us…

How often, just like Eve, do we act as though we don’t believe that God is good and only wants the absolute best for us…

How often, just like Eve, do we forfeit His perfect plans…

How often, just like Eve, do we forfeit what is the best thing possible in the long run for what is the good thing is, or at least seems to be right now…for things that only promise and only deliver immediate gratification.


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