Art, theology, and literature are all quick to portray Eve as the representation of sin, seduction and the secondary nature of woman.
But Adam was just as guilty as Eve. Adam made no effort to talk to the serpent, but probably listened into the conversation and didn’t make any effort to be the spiritual leader of that first family.

The fact that Eve felt free to answer Satan without first consulting Adam shows alot about her personality and the situation…

Yes, it probably would have been better if the two had talked together first…but Adam claimed to be a passive participant in the incident…even blaming God by asking Him, “If you knew that Eve would have tempted me, why did You create her for me?”

These are similar words to the words of a little boy caught out by his parents and trying to put the blame on his little sister.

After they sinned, they realized that that they were naked and tried to make themselves clothes of some sort by sewing fig leaves together to hide this fact. These clothes served as a reminder of their sin.

They regretted the incident and tried to find excuses…but they had still sinned and did their best to try to cover up this fact. Shame is the typical expression of regret or the excuse for a guilty consicence against sin. Shame may have a fairer and a gentler face than sin, but it is still its twin sister.

God used a singular pronoun when he called Adam after this happened.

Adam told God that he heard him, but hid from God and didn’t answer because he was afraid, because he was naked.

God asked Adam who told him that he was naked and then asked Adam if he had eaten of the tree that God had told him not to eat from.

Adam dared to blame God instead of the actual serpent who was the instigator…the creature that had gotten into the Garden of Even and was probably nearby, proud of his accomplishment. Adam actually protected his enemy and dared to accuse God instead.

God rejected these so-called clothes that Adam and Eve had made because it represented their own effort. Instead God provided them with adequate clothing for them by sewing animal skins together.

These skins signify sacrifice by the fact that animals usually have to be killed in order for people to have clothes or shoes.

The divine provision of those sacrificial skins foreshadowed Calvary, where Jesus through the sacrifice of Himself provided a spotless robe of righteousness for all who repent and believe.


Just like Adam and Eve, we were all created to live our lives for the glory of God…to obey God…and to depend on God…but we also have the freedom to do this or not.

Just like Adam and Eve, when we make the wrong decisions…

Just like Adam and Eve, find forgiveness and be restored to our relationship to our loving Friend and Creator…

Just like Adam and Eve, we must first repent and turn to God with faith in his mercy and provision of salvation.


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