Staying in has  become the new “night out”…even during the Super Bowl.

Ninety percent of Americans say that they will be watching the Super Bowl at home instead of watching the Super Bowl at a restaurant or bar this year.

And each year Super Bowl viewers across America stock these Super Bowl parties with a total of nearly 166 million pounds of snacks.

More than 44 million pounds of potato chips are sold during the two-week Super Bowl time frame, not to even mention sales of other snack foods such as crackers, tortilla chips, and pretzels.

Statistics show that the most popular Super Bowl snacks over the previous decade have been, in descending order…

  1. Crackers
  2. Potato Chips
  3. Tortilla Chips
  4. Nuts
  5. Corn Chips
  6. Unpopped Popcorn
  7. Pretzels
  8. Puffed Cheese
  9. Popped Popcorn

On the other side of the store…even though beer and football seem to go together… like shoes and socks or like Mickey and Minnie…the Super Bowl, somewhat surprisingly, is not the most popular beer holiday and in fact ranks relatively low among holiday beer sales.

The holidays around which the highest two-week sales of beer exist are…

  1. 4th of July
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Labor Day
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Christmas
  6. Halloween
  7. Super Bowl



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