You can set four thousand New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the new year, but as we stumble closer and closer to February, how many of these goals and resolutions have become more than words scribbled on a page…

      You can spend way too much time analyzing everything, thinking about getting started online, reading every article and book in sight, and never getting anything done…but with all the available resources out there, you will probably still be trying to figure out where to start….and simply writing that New Hear’s resolution on a new list of resolutions in December…

      Regardless of the goal that you have set, there are many who, what, when, where, how, and why questions that you might ask yourself including…

      • Who benefits the most from me achieving this goal?
      • Who can help me achieve it? Who else is or should be involved?
      • Who else believes in me and my ability to reach this goal?
      • Who will support me? Who probably won’t support me? 


      • What is my biggest passion and dream in life? What one wildly bold goal would I like to accomplish that would truly inspire me to get up each morning?
      • What do I want to accomplish? What will success look like?
      • What is the probability of ever reaching this goal?
      • What is the biggest obstacle hindering me from achieving my goals? 
      • What skills, tools, and resources do I need to acquire or master?
      • What is my next step? 


      • When can I find the time to do whatever it takes to reach this goal?
      • When would be a realistic time for me to have reached this goal?
      • When will there be enough information to know if and when I should set new goals?
      • When will I start working toward this goal?


      • Where do I want to be this time next year?
      • Where will I acquire the necessary knowledge?
      • Where will my goal be accomplished? 
      • Where have I written my “chosen frozen” goals down so that they can become something tangible to focus on, evaluate, and refine on a regular basis.


      • How will I benefit from reaching this goal? 
      • How will I stay focused during the process? 
      • How will the business be different one year from now?
      • How will this goal be achieved?
      • How does this deadline influence your daily activities?
      • How should I best spend my time, instead wasting time on unrelated, unimportant, non-strategic activities?


      • Why am I going to do this in the first place?
      • Why am I willing to invest time, energy, and money in doing this? 
      • Why is achieving this goal so important to me? 
      • Why is reaching this goal important? 

      Even though you don’t have the perfect plan and are not sure exactly how it’s going to work out, the best way to learn is by doing….(okay, gonna finally stop using my treadmill as a clothes rack…first thing tomorrow morning)…


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