Being diagnosed with diabetes, or at least borderline diabetes, seems to be a Southern man’s rite of passage. All the deep fried foods, pies with meringue up to the sky, and Mama’s home cooking eventually wreak havoc on the anatomy sad to say.Today more than a third of people in the United States are obese, and many more are overweight. No wonder Southerners are put at a heightened risk for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease…most of us know how to cook…and how to cook very darn well…

This last year my husband went through this “rite of passage”…So our New Year’s resolution to lose weight, improve our diets, and actually start exercising take on more urgency.

 So right now we are looking for the right resources to help our family to…

  • eat healthier  
  • get in shape  
  • keep the weight off once we finally do hit our goals
  • keep us on task with our health 
  • lose weight 
  • monitor our activity and our diet
  • stay motivated
  • stick with our plan 
  • track overall progress
  • work out smarter and faster

…all without having to pay big bucks for a personal trainer and dietician. 

Right now, I have started studying the different available apps…but this has been more than a little overwhelming…If anyone has advice or would like to join us along this journey, please let us know…




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