Once you define your niche, begin identifying your target readers, and start getting to know your audience…you must next make sure that the blog topics and posts actually answer their questions and provide them with timely, relevant information.
Even the most researched and best written blog post will be an epic fail… if you are not answering the questions people in your niche are asking… and talking about the right subjects and issues.

So for those days you find yourself staring at a blank screen…there are several tools that can help you come up with just the right idea for just the right topic for the just the right blog post. 


1.  AlltopBrowse through this collection of the best blogs covering hundreds of topics. Check current post titles shown under your topic for inspiration.

I looked under the Baking category specifically for muffins and found these articles…

2.  Blog Title Generator—This tool generates fill-in-the-blank titles about no particular topic at all..not sure how helpful this will be….three of my title ideas were…

  • How to Make Muffins Suck Less
  • Want to Be Truly Muffin…End Each Day Like This
  • Weighing The Pros and Cons of Muffins


3.  Buzzfeed…Buzzfeed covers almost every topic that you can imagine… my search for muffins led me to this article 19 Muffins Worth Getting Out of Bed For and this recipe for Double Chocolate Coconut Oil Zucchini Muffins with Caramelized Buckwheat.


4.   BuzzSumo—BuzzSumo allows you to enter a topic and see the top articles about that topic…and how many times those articles have been shared across various social media platforms…such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. 

My search for muffins came up with 2,278 pages of post in descending order by number of shares…the most shared of these top articles is this recipe for Toddler Muffins from AllRecipes.


5.    Content Forest is another idea generator. simply type in your keyword for a list of previous posts about your topic…My results for my search for “muffins” began with this recipe for Cornbread Muffins from Scratch.

6. Google Correlate find associations between search trends and the keyword that you want to write about…It also shows which states that keywords is researched most frequently…

Muffins are most often linked with “chocolate chips.” 
Muffins are most frequently searched for in Maine…and least searched for in the states of Mississippi and Texas…which I found personally to be most interesting…since I consider my target audience to be Mississippi because I grew up there and Texas because I live in Texas now…

7.  Google Shopping offers the top stories, top products, and most trending items as far as shopping online.

8.  Google Trends collects data from Google Search, YouTube and Google News and then ranks the most searched for stories. These “top stories” shown as soon as you open the site can be about any topic or category…

  • The Latest Topic—The hottest topic on Google Trends right this minute is about Bubba Watson and golf at the 2016 Olympics. Choosing this topic takes me to a dashboard showing relevant articles on the topic, a trending video, changes in interest in the topic over the past few days, and interest by subregion.
  • Time—You can also see minute-by-minute data about your topic from different time periods.period. the interest in muffins has steadily inclined since 2004.
  • Location—Google Trending shows the popularity of the topic in searches by geography—a certain city, the entire US, a different country, or worldwide…Muffins are actually most popular in New Zealand…The cities that muffins are most popular in are Perth, Auckland, Brisbane, and Winnipeg.
  • Top Related Topics—This shows the related topics that are most commonly searched for.
  • Breakout Related Topics—This shows the related topics that are being searched for on a more frequent basis than before…In the case of muffins, this includes Greek yogurt, fondant icing, chia seed, and coconut oil.
  • Related Queries—This shows other topics being looked for that are most related to the topic that you are looking for. In the case of muffins, the related queries are paleo, monkey bread muffins, and paleo muffins.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator—Input three different nouns…get  five blog topic ideas that will get those creative juices flowing…

  • 1The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Muffins
  • 215 Best Blogs To Follow About Magnolias
  • 3The History Of Mozart
  • 410 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Muffins
  • 5The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Magnolias


10.  Pinterest—of course…

11. Portent Title Maker—Honestly not so sure that I like this brainstorming tool…my search for the keyword “muffins” resulted in three simplistic titles that I would never actually use…such as “Why MUFFINS ain’t As Good As They Used To Be”…

12.  SEO Pressor is another Blog Title Generator spookily set up like Portent Title Maker…not so sure how helpful this tool could be either…My search for “muffins” resulted in the following titles…!

  • You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Muffins.
  • Five Muffins That Had Gone Way Too Far.
  • 10 Ideas To Organize Your Own Muffins.
  • Why Is Muffins Considered Underrated?
  • How Muffins Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies.

13.  Tweak Your Biz—Think this might be the most useful and interesting generator on this list…My search for “muffins” came back with tons of ideas for blog post titles divided into categories such as List, Best, How-to, Questions, Love, Sex, Celebrities, Secrets, Snarks, Business, Motivation, Problems, and “The Kitchen Sink.”


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