Passing family recipes from one generation to the next is an all-important family responsibility for all true girls raised in the South.
Learning every single verse of “Jesus Loves Me” and knowing how to make Aunt Jesse’s Tea Cakes are far too important talents not to be embraced.

Do not simply assume that the next generation will automatically pick up on such important life lessons and pass on to their own kids…

Pressed Cookies.are another type of Christmas cookie commonly made during the holidays.


Spritzgebäck are a pressed cookie especially common in Germany.

Spritzgebäck…or more commonly, “spritz cookies…are crisp, fragile buttery cookies.

Spritzgebäck” is a word derived from the German verb “spritzen”… which means “to squirt.” 

Making these cookies typically involves the following steps…

1. Creating a soft dough that can be “extruded” or “squirted” … 

  • Cream together1 1/2c softened butter, 1C sugar…until light and fluffy. 
  • Add…1egg, 2Tbsp milk, 1tsp vanilla, 1/2tsp no-color almond extract
  • Stir in…3 1/2 c flour, 1tsp baking powder until light and fluffy. 
  • Beat until combined. 
  • Do not chill.

2. Extruding or “squirting,” the dough into various decorative shapes with an actual cookie press or with a pastry bag and various pastry tips

—Find the cookie press…
Fit the press with a die or  stencil.
Fill the cookie press with as much room-temperature dough as possible. 
Force or press the dough…

  1. Closely togetherthey won’t spread much.
  2. Directly onto the baking sheet.
  3. Evenly onto the pan. 
  4. Uniformly…Only one shape per baking sheet.

—If you don’t have…or can’t find…your cookie press,  fit a filled piping bag with a star tip and pipe shapes of cookie dough onto the cookie sheet.

3. Baking the cookies

  • Bake the cookies for 5 minutes. 
  • Rotate the baking sheets between racks and from front to back. 
  • Bake the cookies 5 minutes more.
  • Cool on the baking sheets for 5 minutes.
  • Transfer cookies to a cooling rack to cool completely. 

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