Creating and maintaining a blog is simple—set up your account with a host platform such as WordPress, choose an overall theme, prepare some posts, and publish.
But creating a successful blog that draws readers and keeps them requires learning we skills and improving the skills that you already have.

1.  Ability to Conduct Research

Blogging requires learning how to search for information, verify facts, make meaningful notes, and collate information.  You need to develop the ability to efficiently find relevant information not only from online search engines. but also from books, magazines, libraries, and actual interviews with experts in your given field.

2.  Analytics 

Blogging requires learning to set goals for your blog as far as page views and followers, track these statistics, and come up with new strategies for improving these statistics.

3.  Audio and Video Skills

Blogging requires learning audio and video skills—the use of sound equipment, microphones, lights, and cameras—for filming videos, conducting interviews, and podcasting.

4.  CSS and HTML Skills

Blogging requires learning some basic HTML coding such as image interlinking, adding alt tags, coding feature boxes and tables, and adding videos. Knowing at least some HTML as a well as the basic principles of cascading style sheets (CSS) will allow you to create a unique theme that will fit in with your branding strategy.

4. Editing

Blogging requires learning to distinguish between good writing and bad writing, to make corrections in vocabulary and spelling and usage, and to realize that sometimes the entire post draft needs to be deleted and started over from scratch.

5.  Graphic Designing

Blogging requires learning enough graphic design—programs such as Photoshop and/or other image editing programs—to create and edit images to fit their needs…and to insert relevant images in blog posts. This makes your post look more interesting and beautiful and provides graphic visual information. 

Online Marketing

Blogging requires learning online marketing skills such as branding, copy, sponsorships, affiliate sales and more.

People Skills

Blogging requires learning better people skills.

Blogging requires that you interact with readers on a daily basis and that you recognize your readers’ preferences and interests. Engage with readers on a daily basis so that you may easily create posts that they consider relevant. Maintain a consistent and active stage presence.

Blogging also requires learning networking skills. Developing friendships with other bloggers will…

  • boost your blog traffic quickly
  • boost your blogging skills 
  •  build strong connections with others in your field.
  • help you find more audience for your content.

Reading Skills

Blogging requires learning to read insightfully enough to increase your understanding of a subject and gain insight and viewpoints

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging requires learning basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to make your blog friendly with search engines and gain traffic.


Blogging requires learning self-discipline. You must.

  • be able to meet deadlines.
  • be willing to invest a lot of time and patience
  • consider blogging a full-time job
  •  maintain a consistent and good rate of writing posts
  • .not become lazy or complacent
  • not simply get frustrated and lose hope
  • not waste your time online instead of getting things done. 
  • stick to a time-table and write and publish posts accordingly


Blogging requires learning how to write engaging, helpful and unique content.

 As a writer, your posts should have a conversational and friendly writing style that everyone can understand and connect to. 

As a writer, you also must be able to share information without getting academic. Keep your posts easy to read and fun.

Lately I have found some excellent resources for improving your writing skills…(future posts)…

Two ways that you can improve your writing skills are…

  • Write every single day (either offline or online). 
  • Read best blogs and books to hone your blog writing skills.

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