Now that we’re done talking about doing research, it’s finally time to start thinking about what we’vve actually found and what we’re gonna write about…

The research process involves five steps…
1.  Look through Amazon…see the most popular items related to your topic…find out who the main companies are that make these products…look through the best-selling books about your topic…make a list of authors…look at the table of contents and any other pages to get an idea of what and how you should write your post…

2.  Look through books…Take the list of “experts” you found through Amazon…Check their websites only for book recommendations…find these books on Kobo or something…start scanning to see if particular books are worth reading or a total waste of time.

3.  Look though magazines...choose which magazines from your comprehensive list are most likely to have published an article about your topic lately…see if they actually have..

4.  Look at websites...Look a the websites of the manufacturers of the products you are looking for…bookmark those articles that ou might want to come back to later.

5.  Look at blogs...Find the blogs that are  most likely to have posted about your given topic…bookmark these also…

But before I can start clustering and outlining, I need to find a pencil…

So let’s start looking for one…


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