1. Nab trending topics within your niche while there is still time.—Watching our 80s-generation “Remember the 60s” turn into the current generation’s “Remember the 90s” has been a scary thought lately…What should I expect next—menopause?!

2.   Nail down your niche.—If you say that you are trying to reach aspiring innkeepers, don’t blab on and on constantly about research or writing or how Dak Prescott is doing such an awesome job during his rookie year with the Dallas Cowboys…Know your target audience and target your posts.

3.  Name your destination.—Know which direction you are heading. Otherwise if you have ADHD like me, you will be spinning your gears and driving around in circles getting nowhere.

4.  Nap on it for a while. Befor  hitting Publish, take time to actually read and reread your post several times. Does it make sense? Is the post well written? Should I even publish this in the first place?

5.  Navigate your way around your R&R (research and writing) world smartly. Know who you can turn to for advice or facts. Know where to find whatever it is that you are looking for. Know how your creative juices get pumping and how your brain works.

6.  Neighbor your neighborhood. Take time to actually meet people within your niche and within your actual neighborhood. Each of us has something to offer each individual they come in contact with. Learn from those around you. allow yourself to be taught something by them…all of THEM.

7.  Nestle down once you decide where you have been planted to bloom and be able to answer anything anyone asks you about anything about your blog. A few days ago someone asked me what my niche was…I had to stop and think…Is my blog actually useful for aspiring innkeepers, or am I just writing about whatever I want to write about when I wake up each morning.

8.  Never hesitate to tell people about your blog or that you even blog in the first place. If you blog often enough and invest time researching and writing enough, blogging just becomes a habit and a normal part of everyday life.

9.  Notice those areas that you are not spending enough time or not wanting to even think about. This whole web design and coding thing scares me to death…but am I simply going to be content to sit here in my pajamas and “hunt and peck” for every?

10.  Nourish whatever it is that you’re passionate enough to be writing about. Don’t get so caught up in writing about what you like to do, that you no longer actually do it at all.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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