1.  Make your mission statement as specific as possible. Don’t be vague or indecisive. If even you can’t find the purpose for your blog by reading your mission statement…no one else can either.

2.  Do not use your About Me page as a mission statement. Think of your About Me page as a biography to tell people who you are. Think of your mission statement as a topic sentence to tell people what you do.

3.  Finish setting up your business plan before starting the tasks required. Starting the tasks before writing a business plan is like trying to dive off the high dive before learning how to swim It simply doesn’t work.

4.  Make sure that your blog is targeted to the right audience. Looking back over my original purpose, I realize that my blog should be geared towards innkeepers and entrepreneurs, not the people who stay there. Even though these will basically be the same topics, the perspective will be different.

5.  Make sure that your blog posts are about the right topics. Base your editorial calendar on your mission statement, not what’s trending or being posted by other bloggers at the moment. I recently posted about creating a capsule wardrobe and then realized that this topic was totally unrelated to my original purpose.

6.  Base your editorial calendar on your mission statement...not just what everyone else is blogging about or talking about at any given moment.

7.  Make your goal to keep posts useful...not simply spit out as much information as quickly as possible.

8.  Find a system that works for you, not just someone whose advice you just happen to read in another blog or in a book. 

9.  Be willing to admit that you do not know everything. Be patient enough to take time to learn. Be willing to ask for advice.

10.  Be willing to rethink, regroup, and restart. There is no shame in stopping to tie your shoe along your journey. There is shame in simply giving up…

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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