For those of us that are not great artists, cookie molds can make your cookies more interesting.

First, there are cookies made from pliable dough.

Then there are cookies that require specific molds. Three types of molds that can be used are…

  • Cookie stamps
  • Cookie tiles
  • Molds that are actually used to bake cookies

The first type of molded cookie are those cookies made with pliable dough that is shaped into balls or various shapes by hand before baking. These include… 

1.  Cookies that are shaped into various forms-–crescents, braids, logs, rings, pretzels—before being rolled in sugar or nuts and finally baked…such as Mexican wedding cookies.      

 2.  Cookies that are dropped but then flattened with fork tines in a crisscross pattern, namely peanut butter cookies.  
3.  Cookies that are shaped after baking, but while they are still warm, such as pirouettes.    

4.  Cookies baked as a loaf and then cut into strips and baked again, such as  biscotti 

5.  Cookie stamps are pressed into cookie dough and then lifted, resulting in a design. They come in all sorts of designs and shapes.  

Two companies that manufacture cookie stamps that have also become collector items are…

 6.  6.  Cookie tiles are square molds that are pressed into cookie dough and then lifted, resulting in a design. The only online source that I found for these tiles is Springerle Joy.  
7.  Molds are sometimes actually used to bake cookies, such as shortbread and madeleines.

Brown Bag also has an extensive line of shortbread pans as well as recipes for shortbread, including gluten-free shortbread.

Madeleine pans are available at places such as Target and Walmart…if searching for a Madeleine pan online, try this pan from well as their recipe for Classic Lemon Madeleines 



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