This has been one of the craziest election years in history…
Without getting on my personal soapbox about my personal beliefs and opinions, I have heard so many people say that perhaps the most important question is not who will be the next President…but who will the next President surround himself, or herself, with…

Earlier I posted a list of the ten most important lessons I have learned about blogging in the last month…

One of these lessons is to admit that you don’t already know everything that you need to know or assume that you will learn everything you need to know along the journey…

Just like the new President, you need to build a team of people that can trust and turn to for advice and support.

The most important people to have on your team are actually other bloggers. Having a good support system of fellow bloggers should offer…

  1. Education
  2. Long-Lasting Friendships
  3. Promotion
  4. Support

Education—Working with other bloggers can be an opportunity to learn techniques and strategies related to topics such as design, promotion, and branding from more successful, established bloggers.

Long-Lasting Friendships—Working with other bloggers gives you the feeling for belonging to something other than writing blog posts in your pajamas and helps ensure your personal sanity.

Promotion—Working with other bloggers can allow you to reach a much larger audience than if you were working on your own. Having other bloggers promote your content on their own blogs will give you more exposure and free, valuable publicity. This will quickly improve your blog readership and community.

Support—Working with other bloggers can save you years of hard work and mistakes. Having other bloggers review your site, offer suggestions, and work with you is an opportunity that you should definitely take advantage of. Talking and spending time with other bloggers will get the gears in your head turning and give you awesome ideas for future posts on a more regular basis. 

Three criteria to look for in other bloggers to add on your team are…

  • Audience—should have large, active and engaged audiences
  • Influence—should be seen as influential or somewhat influential
  • Relevance—should be relevant to your niche

As far as places to meet and network with other bloggers, consider…

1.  Actual Blogs

The most obvious way to find other bloggers is through their own blogs. Leave comments. Start reading their blogs regularly. Send them an email asking them about a previous post. The main thing is “to see and be seen.”

2.  Blog Conferences—Blog shows held in Texas include…

  • Alt Summit“Altitude Summit is the premier business conference for pioneering and rookie bloggers and creatives in this space.” (Multiple cities)
  • Blog Elevated“Whether you blog as a hobby but would like to make some money, or you are a seasoned blogger already earning a steady income, we’ll equip you with the training you need to become a professional blogger with a real business.” (September, Texas)
  • Blogalicious“Hands-on, in-depth workshops with leaders in their fields; advanced topics where we take you to the next level in terms of content; and relationship building.” (November, Texas)
  • Blogging Concentrated—“Geared to advanced level bloggers who know there are things they could be doing better, faster, cheaper, smarter.” (Multiple cities)
  • Bloggy Bootcamp—“Known for its intimate atmosphere with assigned seating and brand inclusion, BBC offers a dynamic day of education and networking.” (Multiple cities)
  • Declare“—A blogging conference desiring to equip, encourage, and support a community of women as we seek to know God and make Him known.” (August, Texas)
  • Go Blog Social—“Go Blog Social is a digital community and conference gathering for creative individuals passionate about growing their business, blog, or social outreach.” (Multiple cities)
  • SearchLove—“A two-day event, SearchLove brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers in online marketing.Get up to speed on the latest in search, analytics, content creation, optimizing your website, paid promotions and more.” (Multiple cities)
  • TECHmunch—“Our blend of networking, panels and demos will inspire even the most seasoned culinary and lifestyle blogger.” (Multiple cities and Virtual)

3. Blog Engage  

Blog Engage is a blogging community where bloggers submit articles to be read and voted on by other members. As a blogger trying to meet other bloggers, it is important that you find the right Group for yourself. These Groups allow users to share articles with other members who specifically share a common interest in a topic.

4.  Blogger Forums

Check out this list of the ten best discussion forums for bloggers from Mint Blogger. My ADHD self honestly had trouble focusing on any of these forums, but this is always an option for meeting other bloggers…

5.  Blogger Meetups

Meetup offers a database of local groups that meet together in “real life” to talk about a given topic or support a given cause…for example, this calendar of September events in DFW related to blogging.

6.  Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be a great way to connect with various groups of people in the blogging world. Whether you are looking for design help, for connections to cross promote, or for Pinterest boards to collaborate on, Facebook groups are a great place to start looking. They are free and really easy to use and see right in your newsfeed (where we 

  • Blogging Boost 
  • Blog + Biz BFFs 
  • Blog and Business: Moms Who do it All;
  • Bloggertunities
  • Blogger Perks
  • Bloggers United
  • Blogging Newbs
  • Christian Women Bloggers Network
  • Christian Women Blogs
  • Christian Bloggers Network
  • Grow Your Blog
  • Inspired Bloggers Network
  • Mommyhood Media Bloggers
  • SITS Girls 
  • Social Media Network Group 
  • The Blog Loft
  • The Blogger Life
  • WordPress Help for Beginners
  • WordPress Help & Share
  • Writers/Bloggers Network

7. is a bookmarking website and learning tool that gives you a large community of active top industry influencers that can help you find  inspiration for blogging.

8.  Local Colleges and Universities

Local colleges and universities are another group of people that can be added to your team. Not only will these provide you with access to other bloggers, but obviously professionals and faculty. I am seriously considering this OMCA® Social Media Associate program from the University of Texas at Arlington, my alma mater…and thisSocial Media class from Tarrant Community College.

9.  Triberr

Triberr is a social platform that helps bloggers work together to share each other’s content. The site is built around various “tribes” or communities of interest. Once you join a tribe, the idea is that you share the blog content of fellow tribemates to your social following and they do they same.


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