I have established that my mission statement for my blog is to…

…to write about my journey to establish, own, and operate a bed and breakfast in Oxford, Mississippi in order to encourage other bloggers and entreprenuers…

The next stage in creating my business plan is honestly evaluating where I currently am and then setting long-term and short-term goals.

This honest evaluation sets a solid foundation for establishing my future business goals, both long-term and short-term.

Long-term goals should be substantially greater than short-term goals and can be charted for five, ten, or even twenty years away.

 Short-term goals are stepping stones towards achieving these long-term goals and should be attainable in a period of weeks to a year. 

Remember to write your “chosen frozen” goals  down. These written goals then can become something tangible to focus on, evaluate, and refine on a regular basis.

Finally share these newly established goals with fellow employees, support group, significant other, or my own mother. Drafting these people to walk along beside you on the journey gives you accountability and encourages you to keep on going when you really feel like giving up.

Specific -Goals should be stated in a way that can easily be understood. Ask yourself… 

  • What needs to be accomplished?
  • Why is reaching this goal important?
  • How can I spend my work time in a way that is consistent with my mission statement?

Measurable – Goals should be stated in a way that can be easily measured. Ask yourself…

  • Can I track and measure at least one statistic related to this goal?
  • Can I easily evaluate my overall progress by knowing these numbers?
  • Will there be enough information to know if and/or when I should set new goals?

Attainable – Goals should be attainable…Ask yourself…

  • Are the goals that you set achievable, yet challenging?
  • Are you starting off with smaller targets and then working on improving them challenging, 
  • Are the goals merely unattainable wishes like ever winning the lottery?

Realistic: Goals should be realistic…Ask yourself…

  • What is the probability of ever reaching this goal?
  • Do I have the resources needed to actually reach these goals?
  • Are these goals actually goals or simply wishes?

Timely – Goals should be based on a timeline…Ask yourself…

  •  Does your goal have a fixed time-frame?
  • When will you start working toward this goal?
  • When will you hope to have reached this goal?
  • How does this deadline influence your daily activities?

But perhaps more important, goals must be flexible, not carved in stone.
Setting goals should not only be a one-time event only done when creating your business plan. Markets change.The economy fluctuates. Sales fluctuate.

Take some time periodically to re-evaluate goals and to see exactly how successful you’ve been at achieving them. Make any minor changes needed to redirect your efforts. 

Tweak your goals along the way, but never trash them…


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