Ezinearticles.com and Hubpages are both article networks that allow experts to share their knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. 
Original, short, easy to read articles about basically any of a couple hundred topics are posted each month.
These articles can be informative, educational, and/or entertaining.
The goal for writing for any of these platforms is to write something sensible so that your readers keep on reading, to establish your own expertise and credibility, and to make the reader want to visit your website or blog for further information.

Potential Problems with Writing for One of These Sites

  1. These platforms appeal to only a particular segment of the market and may seem “unprofessional” To others…and may defeat any claims that your site climbed to #1 on Google based on its own curls alone.
  2. Writing for platforms such as ezinearticles.com can be an incredible waste of time…you may think that you’re making incremental progress by writing ten articles a day about your favorite long-tail keywords…only to discover thar your effort has only been wasted time.

Advice for posting your own articles on these platforms…and, in fact, for publishing your own posts on your own blog or website are…

  • Create a strong author bio that includes important information about you and your company as well as links to your website and social profiles.
  • Create unique content geared towards readers, not simply written for search engines. 
  • Include each unique keyword in a subheading, bold or italicized sections, or bullet points. 
  • Mention your keyword, and possibly related terms, as many times as possible in the body of your post.
  • Save your best content for your own website first and then for guest blogging opportunities in your niche…before submitting to these article networks.
  • Start your article headlines and titles with your keyword as often as possible. 
  • Use your keyword at least once in your conclusion.

But right now we are still searching for that “needle in the haystack” content and only using these platforms as search engines for additional keywords and ideas…so that we will hopefully have an article that we could proudly submit to one of these sites…and link to our own blogs and our own websites..

But right now I’m headed out to find a new coffee pot with grinder…thanks, HubPost…great idea…


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