Writing your About Me page should give you time to establish the mission and the audience for the blog. Now it’s time for the storm…brainstorm, that is…

Knowing your mission and your niche
is the most important step in creating a new blog. Every post you write and every decision you make from here on out should be based on these two things.

Build a blog that you yourself would follow
. Never post anything that You wouldn’t want to read yourself.

Make your blog personal…
Pinpoint topics to blog about that you feel like you will never get tired of writing about…and topics that you will never have trouble finding new ideas to write about..

Ask yourself questions like

  • What and who inspire me the most?
  • What topics am I truly passionate about, not merely interested in?
  • What topics am I truly gifted in and already know a lot about?

Make your blog unique…Know what your own favorite blogs are. Know why these blogs are your favorites…
Then do it differently…Come up with creative ideas that haven’t been  seen before… Brainstorm ideas that will make your blog stand out among the rest. 

Finally make a list of keywords.Use this list of keywords to brainstorm ideas for actual posts. This list of keywords will be important in now creating your editorial calendar and building a successful…hopefully…blog.


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