“Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.” (Albert Einstein)

History and literature are both filled with stories of women who other women have admired, adored, and revered because these women exhibit essential qualities of a heroine…

…or what I think of as a…

Steel Magnolia”…

 Characteristics of a Steel Magnolia include…

1.  Compassion—Steel Magnolias act intentionally to improve the lives of others without trying to attract any notice.Steel Magnolias have a selfless attitude and a servant heart. Steel Magnolias display a sense of concern and kindness for others, especially those in need, and truly care about making the world a better place.

2.  Confidence—Steel Magnolias must be confident enough to make risky decisions. Steel Magnolias develop this confidence by achieving progressively larger accomplishments.

3.  Conviction—Steel Magnolias have a set of strong, unshakable thoughts and beliefs that can never be altered.

4.  Courage—Steel Magnolias always overcome their fears long enough and calmly enough to take risks when others are looking to hide themselves.Steel Magnolias confront any challenge head on and display confidence under stress.They have the determination to achieve the goal, regardless of the challenging obstacles.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” (Nelson Mandela)


5.  Dedication—Steel Magnolias are selflessly committed to the task at hand and work whole-heartedly until the task is complete.

6.  Determination—Steel Magnolias are unflinching in their determination and believe in their abilities without the shadow of a doubt.

7.  Focus—Steel Magnolias have definite motives and keep their eyes fixed on the targets that they have wanted to achieve or establish all of their lives.

8.  Honesty—Honesty is another characteristic of a Steel Magnolia…this honesty earns them the respect of others and helps them lead others.Steel Magnolias are always honest with everyone around them and always tell the truth. They refuse to tell people only what they want to hear and expect honesty from others…

Gee, I know some Southern belles who learn to balance honesty with tact…

Say it all together now…Bless her heart.


9. Humility—Steel Magnolias do not actually want credit for what they do or what they have done. Steel Magnolias give credit to all the people behind their success and    realize their own weaknesses.

10. Integrity—Steel Magnolias can be trusted because their inner values never change from inner values, even when life is hard…

11.  Passion—Steel Magnolias are passionate about their work. Their assurance inspires and motivates others.

12.  Perseverance—Steel Magnolias do not simply give up. Steel Magnolias are ready to withstand all the consequences that they may encounter and fight until they are successful.

13.  Responsibility—Steel Magnolias take on responsibilities with the utmost sincerity and finish out these responsibilities to logical conclusions.

14.  Sacrifice–-Steel Magnolias willingly cast off the personal preferences and comforts whenever they are called upon for a higher cause or responsible for the welfare of others…(gee, I’m an Army wife…how well I know that one)…

15.  Selflessness —Steel Magnolias always put others first without any expectation of payback. Steel Magnolias are more concerned about the success of the group than with their own. They serve as an inspiration for others and earn respect as they face life’s challenges.


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