Goal 4: Write Great Content.

My fourth goal when I started writing this blog was to write great content, but looking back at this goal six months later, I see that in order to write great content, writing must actually become a habit.

So how do you start a new habit…how do increase the probability of actually keeping this year’s New Year’s Resolutions unlike all the years before. 

Be aggressive...”Eat that frog.” Add that dreaded new habit to the earlisest part of your schedule. Make this new habit part of your morning routine. The earlier you get it done, the less the rest of your day can interfere.

Be analytical...Take as much time as it takes to figure things out, create systems that work for you personally, and add that new habit into a routine that works not only for reaching short-term goals, but also long-term goals.

Be committed…The new habit must be a true priority. The important thing now is not how well you do, but that you actually do it….

Be diligent. Be diligent about keeping your habit for just one day at a time, and you’ll find yourself not even thinking about that new habit…and actually miss doing this on the days when you don’t.

Be patient.

Be purposeful. Consider the following…

  • Developing this new habit will give me…
  • Developing this new habit will help me…
  • Developing this new habit will help me have…
  • Developing this new habit will help me know…
  • Developing this new habit will prevent…
  • Developing this new habit will provide me with…
  • Developing this new habit will save me…

Be relevant…Stay as close as you can to other people and products related to your new goal or habit audience and people who share the vision. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then don’t hang out at Golden Corral…Take a trip to Whole Foods instead.

Be resourceful.

  • 1. Look through Amazon...What are the the best-selling books and authors about this new goal or habit…What are the most popular items related to this goal or habit and the main companies are that make these products. 
  • 2. Look through books…Which of these best-selling books seem worth reading or a total waste of time from what I can see on apps and sites such as Kobo.
  • 3. Look though magazines…Which magazines are most likely to have published a related article lately..
  • 4. Look through websites… Look at the websites of the manufacturers of the products and best-selling authors related to your goal or habit…
  • 5. Look at blogs…What blogs, including the websites of the people on the list of best-selling authors, are worth following.

Be “smart…Know what you’re trying to accomplish and the best way to go about it so that you don’t waste all or even part of your time figuring out what you need to do.

Be timely. Decide a minimum amount of time that you want to spend on your goal or habit each day. Setting a timer forces you to stay focused, get to the point, and keep the schedule you’ve set for yourself..

Be willing to admit that you do not know everything. 

Be willing to ask for advice.

Be willing to rethink, regroup, and restart. 


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